Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The British Film Industry

L.O to identify key issues within the British film industry.

L.O to evaluate whether the British film industry is more popular than others.


The British Board Film Classification – The people that give certificates to films like U, PG, 12 etc. The ideal rating certificate is PG, PG12.


The British Film Institute


They give out BAFTA awards to actors actresses, film companies etc.

British Council – Government backed lead agency for films in the UK ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented.

Big British Film companies – Film 4, Working title, Momentum Pictures, Pathe, Film Network.

All you need is three of these things to make it a British film:

·         A British Director

·         A British Producer

·         A Predominately British cast

·         A British production company

·         A subject matter that informs on the British experience

·         British identity defined by the BFI in sight and sound

·         Co – production with British input count as British films

Mainstream – Big summer blockbusters

Mainstream plus – Big summer blockbusters and smaller Hollywood films

Aficionados – Foreign language films with subtitles. The watchers can be encouraged to be more adventurous. Includes Sky etc.

Film Buffo1 – People who watch specialised films.

September is the time when you should put your films out in the cinema because summer is for the big Hollywood films and Christmas for classics.


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