Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Texual Analysis and Representation

I visited the UK Tribes website to look at the representation of different groups. They are specified through text and also in some ways stereotypical. Personally I feel I fit into two of the groups but also are involved in a few sections of others. I feel I am involved in Alternative and Leading edge. Alternative because I like gaming and have quite an open mind and don’t tend to judge too much. Also I enjoy social media so I would be quite connected with scene kids. The reason I put Leading edge as well is because I can be quite creative and at home I enjoy doing DIY and designing my own things. The other sections; Mainstream, Urban and Aspirant have elements of connection with myself however I wouldn’t say I fitted into those groups of people. I could say for mainstream I agree with life being about leisure, pleasure, fun and friends and I probably used to be like that, mainstream, but I can’t really connect myself with being a ‘blinger’. I spend too much time on Pinterest. Finally I would say I can be confident, occasionally, in situations therefore urban as a tribe could be an influence of that. I think everyone could be part of everything in one way or another because nobody can specify exactly which tribe of only five they fit into. There’s too many different personalities to 100% locate you into a certain one. Overall this is why I feel I have connections with many of them but yes I would say I am mostly Alternative or Leading Edge.

Media Icons

In the media it is easy to idolise or look up to someone. I feel that I have a similarity to someone called Demi Lovato. The reason that I feel somewhat similar to her is because she always had confidence issues when she was younger with the way she looked. The then got through this by putting her feelings into words rather than having to say them out loud. She did this through music. I did it through journal writing. As Demi got older she started to ignore people’s opinions and saw herself as who she wanted to be rather than letting other people tell her who she had to be. Another reason I feel I am similar to Demi Lovato is because of what she sings about in her lyrics. It would be as if she was singing about me rather than herself. I look up to Demi Lovato as an older version of myself and admire her change in confidence.
Another person that I feel I am similar too is a girl called Zoe Sugg. Zoe Sugg is a YouTuber and a blogger. She is 24 years old and has been on YouTube for only about 4 years and I have noticed a few similarities we have.  One similarity that we share is our love for home ware shopping and the need to buy more and more. I also enjoy writing on my own blog of which she does too however me and ‘Zoella’ have one more much bigger similarity. We both suffer from panic or anxiety attacks.  This gives us something in common and can actually give a person someone to almost rely on for help even though they don’t know you. Zoe made a YouTube video all about herself and how she copes with them and this meant that I had a more reliable source to help myself get better.  So I do feel I have quite a few similarities with Zoella.
I probably do dress like people I see on television or the people I look up to without even knowing. I guess whatever you as a person are interested will influence what you wear, how you do your hair, what make up you wear. For example; if you were into someone like Avril Lavigne and loved the way she looked etc, you would probably subconsciously try to be like her. Another example would be if you were into hippy type things, you would go on a hunt for stereotypically hippy clothing, so maybe flowers or bright colours, the peace sign for example. For myself I look at people like Zoella and do like pastel colours and flowers and things but personally I don't try and look like someone I'm not.
Another thing to think about is the way I act, does the people I look at and feel similar too influence the way I act in everyday life. Do I only like certain things because say Zoella likes them? I think the reason anyone does this is so they can be comfortable in their 'tribe'. It could also be to do with being accepted into that group or to get people to like you for the way you act. This is normally out in public. Do you act different when your with your friends than when your with your parents? Its all about acceptance and impressions. I probably do it without even realising.
This is a representation of the things I like; Demi Lovato, pastel clothes, floral clothing, superheroes/gaming. It’s a bit of an odd mixture really but I have had many influences into what I like.


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