Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Production Workers

Writer- The writer is the person that writes the screenplays. A screenwriter (proper name for him/her) has the job of writing the scripts for mass media productions like films, TV programmes, comics or sometimes video games.


Producer- The producer is the person that is responsible for the managerial and financial aspects of the making of a film or production. He could also be in charge of a play or opera.

Casting director- The casting director is the person in charge or roles and who plays them. This person will audition the actors or actresses for the role and say which part they will play or not. They are basically in charge of cast and their assignment.

 Director- The director is in charge of everyone and the department/organisation. He manages and oversees business responsibilities and makes sure everyone is doing things correctly. The director also supervises the cast and other staff members involved in the production.

Film finance- The films finance is an aspect of the films production. This occurs during the development stage before the pre-production. It is also something that is considered when the potential value of the film is decided.

Camera operator- A camera operator is part of the films crew. The film crew consists of director of photography and one or more camera assistants. In filmmaking and news the camera is often called to film unfolding and unscripted events so the camera operator has a job of being aware about things. An example of film like this is Bad Grandpa.

Editor- The editor is in charge of the process in which involves corrections, organization and many other modifications. He has to make sure that the final produced work is correct, accurate and completed. This is before it is sent to a trail audience. If they don’t like it, it can be sent back to the editor for more modifications.

Production designer- In a film or a television programme the production designer or the P.D is the person who is in charge of the overall look of the film. The production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of films and motion pictures and are very important in the production of them.

Marketing- Marketing is the action or the business of promotion. It is a way of making the film or production known to the public so that they are encouraged to go and see it. Market researches are in charge of making sure the ‘film’ gets enough promotion.

Exhibition- A film exhibition is the distribution of which the film is then processed through an audience. This is done by a film distributer.

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