Monday, 1 September 2014


Representation                                                                                                                       01/09/2014

The Man
This man is very poor with few possessions. He lives in a small backstreet flat consisting of one room. There is rubbish everywhere and he can hardly afford the rent. He spends all his money on alcohol and cigarettes. He works occasionally and begs on the streets for change even though he does have a roof over his head. He fell out with his father shortly after his mother passed away because he turned to drink and ended up with no family at all. He was once homeless but got a temporary job at the market just so he could find his way. Lives off one small meal a day, all his clothes are from charity shops or have been found on buses.
He could also be a backstreet artist with a small apartment with no money but has a very powerful talent.

He really works for Ralph Lauren and his name is Doug Bihlmaier.

The Lady
· This woman, in my opinion, would have a very colourful bubbly personality. I think this because she is wearing very vibrant clothes and wearing clothes that are very bright often shows confidence and would make you stand out from a crowd.
·  I think she lives in the UK.
·  Street entertainer, perhaps dancing or an illusionist.
She really is an Italian fashion writer and her name is Anna Di Piaggi.

The Man 2
What I can see in the picture shows me that this man is quite posh but relaxed. He is wearing a white shirt with a black casual suit jacket. This would be expensive. Also he is wearing a leather belt. When first looking at him I would think he was a secret agent or a manager of something. This man is clearly wealthy or has money because he can afford either converse or shoes of a similar expense and has clearly had botox on his face.

This man in fact is Calvin Klein and has his own business and fashion range. He is now 71 years old.

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