Monday, 1 September 2014

My 5x5


Shannon Saunders-Heart Of Blue- I just love the lyrics.
Iggy Azalea-Fancy- Crazy song and I've done a dance routine too it!
James Morrison-Broken Strings- Just a classic.
Clean Bandit-New Eyes- Listen to it and just think…
Lily Allen-URL Badman- Best part (2:18-2:42)


Tangled-And at last I see the light’
Frozen- Typical girly movie.
Thor: The Dark World-How superheroes can save the world without forced seriousness, and have fun doing it. I have the need to write more about this. Thor. Bravo.
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs- Tacodiles < yes.
I Am Legend- No, the dog doesn’t die in real life but it makes me cry every time.
Television Shows

Friends- Never gets old, never fails to make me laugh.
How I Met Your Mother- Barney, Barney, Barney!
Big Bang Theory-  Who doesn’t love this.
Glee- RIP Cory Monteith.
Doctor Who- I forever wish to be Clara Oswold.
Online Media/Websites

Instagram-I don’t think I’m ever not on this.
Pinterest- So good for DIY ideas. Always making things.
Blogger- I blog.
Amazon- Who doesn’t want cheap lego.
IMDb- Spending too much time looking at movie reviews and studios.

Clean Bandit- Something to just sit back and relax too.
Coldplay- PARA PARA PARADISE! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t sing along to this.
Paramore- Secret obsession.
The Wanted- I do, and always love these. I do apologise.
MAGIC! - This music is so mood lifting.


  1. Ignoring the fact that I absolutely abhor Muse this is an interesting assortment and I agree that cheap Lego is indeed a wise investment.

  2. A very interesting selection. Not my sort of thing but interesting nonetheless. Very well presented.