Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Teenage Stereotypes

Needy - The stereotype of needy does in some ways relate to the emotional stereotype. I do agree with this stereotype because teenagers will still 'need' friends, parents, other relatives etc. So needy in my opinion isn't a bad way of putting it. On the other hand, needy is a very powerful word and could also mean other things like clingy and protective. This meaning to me that in the wrong context not all teenagers are needy but when you here needy in the context of family needs etc, it would be okay.

Emotional - I do in some ways agree with this stereotype as teenagers do go through a lot of emotional change in relationships, friendships, family etc. However, the word, emotional could relate to crying and acting like 'babies' and not a lot of teenagers, males in particular, cry. They try and be hard and show off to their peers so stereotypically being emotional would be a sign of weakness. This overall meaning that actually, emotional, as a stereotype would be aimed at mostly females. 
Self Obsessed - Self obsessed is a very stereotypical thing to say about teenagers because doesn't everyone want to look after themselves. Yes, I do think you get the ODD one or two teenagers who are so obsessed with themselves they will do anything to make themselves the best but I do not think that all teenagers are like this as the majority of teenagers are quite insecure.
Thugs - Not all teenagers are thugs. Research actually shows that teenagers are a lot more respectful than they used to be. Thugs is a very precise word also. I feel that the word thugs almost means chav and if I say so myself, I would stereotype thugs and chavs as people perhaps living in rougher city areas rather than the outer areas. This overall being a stereotype that isn't at all fair to give to teenagers.
Anti Social - A lot of the time teenagers are seen on there phones with their headphones in so anti social as a stereotype is probably correct to say.
Lazy - I do however agree with this stereotype as a lot of teenagers, in my opinion, don't get out much and are quite self involved. Not self obsessed, self involved. Adults, a lot of the time parents, think that their children or teenagers in general don't help as much as they should etc, but actually, they most probably acted exactly the same themselves and now know how their parents felt and so on...
Loud - This is normally a stereotype that is given to teenagers in a particular area. This perhaps given to those in rougher areas however adults and people generally put all teenagers within this category without thinking about other opinions. There are a lot of different personalities of teenagers and they are not all stereotypically loud. I would say loud as a stereotype would be something to do with disruption and annoyance of other people and not loud as in enjoyment and excitement to be at a particular place like bowling or a theme park.
Selfish - I do not agree with this stereotype as teenagers can be very giving in time and effort. What I mean by this is that a lot of teenagers do a lot of work for charity shops and for charities in general like sponsored activities. This therefore meaning that teenagers aren't exactly getting money out of it or anything like that but they are giving to other people. On the other hand I do sometimes think that teenagers can be selfish in the aspect of family. Do they appreciate what their parents do for them etc? This then makes me think that all teenagers are selfish in some ways but I think that is a general thing for everyone of any age.
Dramatic - 'Dramatic' when defined is often linked to a performance and/or an over exaggeration and I think that teenagers can be quite dramatic. I think this because when something shocking or exciting happens teenagers often do get quite emotional and dramatic about it however I wouldn't say all teenagers are dramatic, so putting all teenagers under the stereotype of dramatic I feel is wrong.
Moaners - I think stereotyping just teenagers as moaners is wrong because a lot of people moan about certain topics and people of lots of different ages moan about a lot. I do however think that teenagers moan if they don't receive what they want but then again this could just be something natural. I have seen this happen but I probably do it myself also.
Self Harmers - Apparently a lot of teenagers self halm and this links to the aspect of over emotional and insecure. Self harm would actually be a condition therefore it is wrong to stereotype teenagers as self harmers. This overall meaning that as a stereotype, teenagers being self harmers is false but the mass majority of people assume that that is what teenagers do. 
Intimidating -  This is a stereotype that most elderly people put on teenagers. They say that teenagers make them feel uncomfortable when out. I do agree with this that some people can intimidate the elderly and some other people in general but this has been put as a stereotype of ALL teenagers. 
Party Animals - Stereotypically all teenagers like to go to parties and get drunk however this shouldn't be put as a general stereotype as it is in my opinion is only particular groups of people that like to party 'hard', like animals. 
Teen Sex Pregnancies - This is stereotypically seen in the media too as well as in general. Also it is stereotypically most common in rougher areas. Some people may agree with this but not all teenagers get pregnant.
Insecure -  This shown through bullying and people getting self conscious with themselves of what they where and where the go etc. It can also have something to do with relationships and how 'all' relationships at a teenage level aren't serious. This is very stereotypical as most of the time, teenage relationships last a long time and lead to futures together.

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