Monday, 1 December 2014

The Grand Budapest Task 2 Comprehension

Adrien Bordy - Dimitri 
Ralph Feinnes - M.Gustav H 
Tony Revolori - Zero 
Jeff Goldbloom - Deputy Kovacs
Tilda Swinton - Madam D
Mattieu Amalric - Serge X
Tom wilkison - Author 
Edward Norton - Henckles 
Owen Wilsion - M.Chuck 
Lee Seydoux - Clotilde  
Bill Murray - M.Ivan 
Saoirse Ronan - Agatha
Jason Schwarzman - M jean 
Willem Dafoe - Jopling 
F.Murray Abraham - Mr Moustafa 
Bob Balaban - M.Martin 
Harvey Keiitel – Ludwig

Where did scouting for a hotel take place?
The scouting for a hotel for The Grand Budapest Hotel took place in Central Europe.

Which location did the production team eventually use?
Eventually the production team decided to use, Gorlitz.

Did they film on location or on a sound stage?
They actually filmed on location rather than on a sound stage.

Where were the production offices located?
The offices were on the top floor of the hotel/set itself.

How did they film the 60's and 30's hotel?
What they did was they actually made the 60’s set first and then they peeled away at it so that it revealed the 30’s set.

Where did inspiration for the hotel's interior come from?
The inspiration for the hotel came from what he saw in a library of Congaree and some different European hotels.

How many extras did it take to fill the lobby?
Overall there was 150 extras that filled the lobby for the scenes.

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