Monday, 1 December 2014

The Grand Budapest Task 3 Secrets

For The Grand Budapest Hotel the producers used 5 secrets that gained the film more success. These included:

1) They sold merchandise on eBay. This included sales of products like fake moustaches, wax and bow ties that related to the film.

2)  They also got involved with different unique promotions. What they did was they toured a large scale model of the hotel to theatres around the world that made audiences more interested in what the film was all about.

3) Another secret technique that they used was the making of videos and recipes so people that had watched the film, you could bake your own Mendls cakes like the ones from the film.

4) Because Moon Rise Kingdom was so successful, younger audiences were attracted and encouraged by the whole idea of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

5) The final secret was that they made the film accessible to different audiences and didn’t just have a target audience of perhaps a particular age group. They muddled it around a bit.

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