Monday, 3 November 2014

Representation of Regional Identity

A person’s identity rooted in setting, speech, costume and region in which they live

Areas to think about in relation to  regional identity:


Location/ setting




Attitudes/ behaviour

Stereotypes of the following regions:


·         Strong and loud accent

·         Countryside like landscape

·         ‘We lass’ instead of ‘little girl’

·         Kilts and tartan clothes, red, checkered

·         Drinking beer, playing bagpipes, watching sports

·         Aggressive and sensitive

An example of a person from Television would be: Doctor Who – Peter Capaldi.


·         Annoying and whining accent, scouse

·         Village/town area with flowers and chavs

·         Y’lright there instead of ‘Are you alright’

·         Tracksuits and Shellsuits and football shirts

·         Theatre, partying, going to the beach

·         Welcoming but also stubborn and agitating.

An example of a person from Television would be: David Morrissey from The Field of Blood.


·        Quick and difficult to understand, Geordies

·        Town, lots of shops and clubs

·        ‘Petal’ as a name for a young girl. ‘Wheyy aye mann’ instead of hello

·        Plastic girls, and young boys head to toe in Newcastle football kit

·        Clubbing, football, having children at 16

·        Personal, confident, has attitude


·        Farmers tone

·        Countryside, lots of hills, very small villages, pubs.

·        Generally cut off words, ‘‘goin’ up t’ pub’’

·        Scruffy, dirty, rude, obnoxious folk.

·        Going for walks, mountain climbing, drinks

·        Friendly, joking


·        Unintelligent, not liked, irritating, Brummie

·        City, lots of cars, highrise buildings

·        Unknown

·        Football kit, chavvy, hoodies

·        Concerts, shopping, clubbing, travelling by train

·        Aggressive, rough

An example of a person from Television would be: Sharon Osborne of the X Factor.


·        Different, strong, extension of words

·        Countryside, cows and sheep, farms

·        ‘Jolch’ means thank-you. Jolch is slang for Diolch like we say ‘cheers’

·        Red, white and green, top hats

·        Fishing, walking, looking for fossils, caves

·        Powerful, drunk, friendly

An example of a person from Television would be: Stacy from Gavin and Stacy


·        Classic accent, lots of essence, strong

·        Busy cities, tall buildings, busy

·        ‘Turty sevin’ instead of ‘thirty seven’ etc

·        Green clothes, hats, leggings, chinos

·        Riverdance, counting money, boxing, drinking

·        Happy, loving


·        Polite, friendly or loud, aggressive, (markets)

·        Big city, big shops, busy place

·        General slang, ‘init’

·        Designer clothes, lots of makeup, suits, blazers

·        Shopping, spending money, going out for dinner, theatre

·        Rush around, apologetic

An example of a person from Television would be: All of the EastEnders cast e.g. Bianca.


·        Loud, stands out, can be annoying

·        Towns, large houses, small boutiques

·        ‘Like OMG’ ‘Total-e’ – abbreviations

·        Fake tan, short dress, low cut tops, skinny jeans (both genders)

·        Clubbing, running, shopping, hosting parties

·        Friendly or bitchy. Either.

An example of a person from Television would be: Everyone off The Only Way Is Essex (Towie).

Cornwall/South West

·        Pirate like, sing song tone.

·        Beach, countryside, busy in the summer

·        Coastal slang

·        Big coats, jumpers, snapbacks

·        Drinking, fishing, walking

·        Tourist welcoming, aware of other people, friendly


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